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“To begin, begin.” – William Wordsworth

And here I am at the start of something new. A new blog, new class, new school, new phase of my life and new career path.

I’m actually really excited to have this blog and to have the push to post my own content. All 25 of us have a really unique support system and network built in, we’re lucky to have that. Though taking this course will count as credit towards my diploma in PR, I know I’m to get so much more out of it than just credit.

This course will be teaching us the fundamentals of social media, how to be ethical and stay within legal boundaries as practitioners and most importantly, how to successfully incorporate what Jared teaches us (and what we learn from each other) into our careers moving forward.

My personal goals for this course are:

  1. To become comfortable with posting my own thoughts and ideas and to not over think what I’m posting.
  2. To be consistent with posting! Especially after the semester ends, I want to keep up with this blog and have it serve as my travel journal.

Some questions rolling around my head in regards to Social Media are:

  1. How do I stay on top of emerging trends and know which to focus on over others?
  2. How much of a communications plan needs to revolve around Social Media and how to get the client on board if they don’t initially see the value of this investment?
  3. What are the best ways of engaging consumers without coming across as pushing sales?

At my last employer (I did a mat leave contract at a small agency), I was the social media voice for many of our clients. It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed it so I’m hoping I can take my skills further with what I learn at Mac. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all!