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When we were asked to picked a theme for our blogs, the first thing that came to mind (other than food, I think about food way too much), was travel. I am by no means a travel expert and do not have extensive experience traveling but I can honestly say it’s what excites and inspires me.


I didn’t travel while I was doing my undergrad, I was working as much as possible. After school I focused again on work, finding a career path (think I finally may have decided), renovating my first house (advice: just don’t and if you do, do it one room at a time!) and trying to keep my unemployment stints to a minimum. Growing up we didn’t do a whole lot of travel so it’s not like I really knew what I was missing. However, being a history buff and a lover of adventure, coupled with my strong Sagittarian traits (needing to continuously learn and explore, despise being in one place for too long), I have always known that one day I would be able to travel.

As I get a bit older and a bit wiser I have really started to realize that time is not going to wait around for me. If I don’t make something happen, it’ll never be. Now is the time as I am still young and relatively responsibility-free the biggest question I face when deciding to go on a trip is, can I leave my cat for that long? (don’t look at me like that)

I don’t want to travel as a means of escaping my life here, my life is pretty awesome but I do find that travel makes me much more appreciative of my home, my family and my life. I travel to go, see and do things that I’ve read and dreamt about for years. I travel to have my breath taken away by the beauty in this world. I travel to get outside of my comfort zone, it builds character and trust within yourself. I travel to meet people, to make friends wherever I go and to remember that we are all the same regardless of where we live. I travel to eat, to try new foods and to immerse myself in a new culture. I travel for the adventure, for the rush of not knowing what’s to come and how it will change me.

This blog is more than an assignment, it’s a place for me to really work out what my goals are and to set out to accomplish them. It’s a place for me to share the places I’ve been and the places I dream of visiting. It’s also a place for you to tell me about your adventures/experiences/travel dreams.

With the weather we’ve been experiencing lately in Southern Ontario, I find myself longing to return to the Bahamas, but I’d be happy with just about any beach right now. Do you have any travel plans/dreams for this winter?