The BSMRCCE class was recently given a task to write about our blog goals. Like with any project, having clear and defined goals give us a clear pathway to accomplishing those things rather than floundering (I’m a flounderer).

Setting goals for myself (in writing, that makes it official) is something I don’t normally do for myself. But funny enough, just before Jared gave us this task in our BSMRCCE class, I had been putting some heavy thought into my own life goals (inspired by my Lululemon shopping bag).


Though the life goals may take some time to really get down on paper (the officialness of it all scares me a bit), the blog goals were surprisingly easy to figure out once I had put just a bit of thought into them.

My overarching goal for this blog is to connect me to people who share my interest in travel, to use that community as motivation to continue traveling which will then motivate me to blog and share my experiences. My long term goal for this blog would be to get paid to travel and write about my experience for some sort of publication.

It can take time to really build a following and to join a community so by the end of the semester I have 3 mini goals that I’d like to accomplish:

  1. Have 50 followers total.
  2. Be tweeted at by a travel writer/publication.
  3. Go on another trip to blog about (long weekends count!)

I’ve set the bar fairly low, I think it’s better to achieve these and continue with more mini-goals than to fail and become discouraged. (One of my life goals should be to not become so easily discouraged.) I’m interested in reading about your own goals and your thoughts on mine.