Part of the requirements for the Social Media Relationships class I’m taking is for me to attend some sort of social media meet up and I did just that a couple of Saturdays ago. Thankfully my instructor, Jared, was in the know about Canada’s first Geek Breakfast and invited us to attend.

What’s a geek breakfast? It’s a get together for “geeks” to talk about what’s new in social media and techy trends. I would say it was less geek and more cool, but maybe that’s just me. Anyways, we all got together at the Williams at the Harbourfront. It was really relaxed and informal and I’m certain everyone walked away with a positive experience that day.

What did I like about the event?

  • That I knew about it and was able to attend. Without Jared, I don’t think I would have found out about it. Having it on a Saturday morning also helped as I’m in class most weeknights and it rules out a lot of other events for me.
  • That it was relaxed and informal, you felt comfortable speaking with strangers.
  • That it was the first in Canada, it was cool to be part of that.

What did I not really like about the event?

  • That it was so informal it had no structure. I think planning out some get-to-know-you games along with a quick intro on who’s who (as far as organizers go) would have been helpful.

What do I hope to see continue?

  • I hope this becomes a regular event in the Hammer. I’m sure a lot more people would love to attend and contribute, we just have to get the word out.
  • Speaking of getting the word out, the CBC was there to cover the event, check out their great article (and see pics of my classmates). Media coverage is a definite boost for events like these.
  • The use of social media to promote the event and provide coverage during the event. We used the hashtag #HamOntGeekBreakfast to talk about the event (though I think we all need to step it up next time around).

I’ll keep you posted on when the next Geek Breakfast might be happening, you should come check it out and get your geek on!